2012-12-28 Friday

It’s been a couple weeks since I added automatic transmission fluid to the exposed cylinder top of my Yanmar 8hp engine.  It doesn’t look much different today, although the boat’s a little out of plumb making the fluid a little off level.  I tried using a box wrench to turn the pulley nut to no avail.

Recently, I found an interesting suggestion on the unseize engine website: use a pneumatic or electric impact wrench.  This will set up resonance vibrations in the motor and is less damaging than the breaker bar approach. I intend to try this tomorrow.  I believe I do have a pneumatic impact wrench but I am not sure about the socket. May mean a trip to Harbor Freight.

The other things I did to today: the companionway drop boards fit in place today. I tried a week or two ago and could only get the lower board in place.

Cabin sole boards were reinstalled.

The companionway doors are now closing almost without effort.  there’s another 12v light in the forward cabin, but it needs a lens over it

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