Swap Meet

Gotta love the boat swaps. This is the place to stretch your boating dollars to the limit, and maybe make a few in the process.

Berkeley Yacht Club holds an annual sale in April and invites people to sell on the lawn and walkways around the marina for about $25 a space. Last year we sold and this year I found some goodies for current and future projects. I put a sample below of some items I bought:

  • Two tier fiberglass dock step – $40
  • Nicro solar vent 4″ (not battery backed) – $20
  • Well used brass Trawler lamp (no chimney or wick) – $55
  • Gill Boots size 9 – $10
  • Hand bearing compass $3
  • Newish porta potty – $10
  • Used Lifesling – $22 (two vendors were involved here. The case was $2 in fair condition and the Lifesling itself was $20 from another vendor in very good condition)
  • Folding Prop – $40.  It’s a right hand 14″ dia 12 pitch bronze prop.
  • 40 sailing books at $1 each.
  • 2 Finespray faucets.  One broken for parts $9
  • Barient two-handed winch handle (frozen open lock) $15

Take the van; get there early.  The best times to buy are right when it opens and when people are getting ready to pack up and cart stuff home.

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