2012-02-16 Minney’s Yacht Surplus

I made a trip to Minney’s in Costa Mesa on Saturday and brought home a haul of goods.  I took a wish list with me that had all the critical dimensions.

  • Two teak hatch covers $75 each. These mesaure abotu 36×30 but are parallelograms, not square cornered hatches.  I have a plan to square them up at the cost of just a couple of inches of length.  Hopefully they aren’t glued too well!
  • Manual Vertical Capstan Windlass.  The windlass was $95 and the Barient winch handle was $28
  • 2 Yanmar manual starter cranks.  I bought one last visit for $3 but it turned out the inner diameter was too small.  These are definitely larger and a couple of different lengths, too.  Each was $3.
  • Companionway doors.  These are light but really well made and feature some integral removable screens and glass panels.  One glass panel is missing and the bottoms were roughly cut.   The kick is that the width was just about perfect – 11.5 inches.  They’ll need to be cut to length – about 25″ and radiused anyways.  The best part was the price $21 each!
  • four bits of pull-apart perko hinge I can use on the door, they were priced $3 but they were thrown in.
  • A water faucet for $12.  I’m hoping that I can open it up and replace the leather valve.
  • Cole stove with stack.  This one is similar to the one on Jules but came with a 3″ stack that has a damper.  it’s a little larger in the frame and has a side deflector.  Perfect  for Oz – $145
  • The coup – two bronze bollards for $16 and $48.  Check out the price over at.  Basically these went for the price I would have paid for shipping on “the one that got away” over on eBay
  • A hatch prop for the forward cabin $12
  • A bag of miscellaneous teak stuff for $20 and another Teak Handrail bit for $12
  • A wooden teak & holly cutting board for $5
  • A red bag about 8′ long that I think will make a nice tiller cover

They had a good price on a Hille-Range propane oven but it was looking a little tired and the door had some rust through on the inside, so I held off hoping Craigslist will turn up another Origo 6000 or Force 10 oven, or something similar.


On the way out we stopped in Long Beach to stop at the Captains Locker, which I was hoping was another consignment place but it turned out to be a well stocked boat supply that sold only new items.  On the way out though I checked out the West Marine at the same harbor to see what they had in the discount section, and there I found a 6″ nickel plated bell, new for $5.17.

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