2013-02-22 Meeting Vela – a new Jib

I was amazed today to see and advertisement for a Tanbark Jib sail appear on Craigslist, and doubly so because it was for a Nor’sea 27!! Answering the ad, I met up with Bryan, the (relatively new) owner of Vela. Vela spent 16 years in storage in the northwest and its interior is in near perfect shape. Bryan’s spent some time updating the boat, replacing all the standing rigging adding Amsteel lifelines and proper bronze through-hulls.

Stepping aboard Vela at the Richmond Yacht Club was like entering a time machine. It’s a rare opportunity to see a “new” norsea in fantastic condition. The Yanmar 2GM had less than 100 hours on it. Bryan mentioned that at his last haulout when the 2 coats of bottom paint were stripped, folks were asking if his boat was new!

The boat’s a newer 80’s layout that has pristine teak inside and out.  Bryan’s setting off for Mexico in the next week or so, so this was a serendiptitious opportunity. Oh, and I did buy the jib, and expect to put it to great use when my own projects are completed.

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