2013-03-17 At the Boat Wrecker

Today I met Dan in Pittsburg, CA. He’s actually a boat wrecker and probably a good contact for the future.  He had two trailers full of Chris Crafts chainsawed into strips, so there wasn’t much in the way of straight lumber and most of it was covered in two plies 3/4″ thick.  There were some big chunks from the transom but they were oddly shaped.

The trip wasn’t a total bust –  I did get several nice varnished mahogany trim pieces 6-8′ long, 4 inches wide and just under a quarter inch thick, a small bundle of teak trim and those may be useful down the road for some purpose. Also to round out the deal he threw in a teak louvered companionway accordion type door with drink holders built into the base.  At least I think they’re drink holders.  They are a pair on both the inside and outside of the hatch so I don’t think they’re for poles!  Maybe it could fit the aft companionway, but that’s a tight squeeze as it is without having to dodge things.

Most of the leftovers were firewood.

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