Tying down for the move

Saturday morning we returned to Riverbend Marina in Newport, Oregon, to complete the preparations for travel to California.  I used three 3″ wide tow straps I found at Home Depot and a bunch of jumbo zip ties to managethe standing rigging.

Chain secured to the bow stem

Tie down just behind the wheels loops across the gunwhales and cockpit, just between the winches and the cleats.

Mast was secured in three places. This tiedown secures the tabernacle end to the pulpit by pulling it down to the winch. I used the 1.5″ straps and was careful not to make this one too tight.

Tie down in front of the wheels. This loops across the gunwhales and in front of the cabin top

All tied up and ready to roll. Three bands secure the hull, in addition to the bow chain. Three or smaller straps secure the mast, which is supported on the pushpit and boom vang, with a 2×6 positioned just behind the mast step to provide a third point of support.